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Advantages of Investing With a Real Estate Investing Group

Investing in real estate on your own is very demanding: 24/7 property management - tenant turnover, leasing, evictions, rent collection, capital improvements, dealing with accountants, lawyers, and third party contractors, managing taxes, federal, state and local laws, insurance policies, etc...
Many individuals try to do it, and often can do so successfully on a small scale, but struggle to scale their portfolio and diversify risk across numerous properties. If you have a full-time, strenuous day job and are a part-time investor - as we are - it can be even more challenging.
Typically, new real estate investors will start with a Single Family Rental (SFR), residential multifamily (1 - 4 units) or small building (5 - 25 units). These properties are generally the most difficult to manage. They are not big enough to profitably hire a 24/7 management company and as soon as one tenant moves out; their cash flow decreases and frequently turns negative. 
Investing as a group provides investors with many of the benefits of real estate, without all of the responsibilities - making it a potentially lucrative, more passive investment.
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