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PRI Realty Group™ is dedicated to offering investors transparent, efficient ownership in value-add multifamily real estate in the Providence, RI area. We are an investment club and partner with un-accredited and accredited investors seeking lower fee, high potential opportunities to offset more traditional investments. We have a proven track record of driving exceptional results for all investors. We are not an investment fund, and do not offer securities for sale. Prior to providing deal sheets for individual properties that are available for investment, we require all prospective investors to provide some basic information about their investor profile. Deal sheets include al relevant property information including property background, facts & figures, pro forma financial projections, repositioning strategy, due diligence, etc... PRI Realty Group distributes property profits on a quartly basis to all investment partners.


If you are interested in co-investing and would like to speak with one of our Founding Partners to discuss your investment goals, please complete the form below and we will contact you with a link to our online meeting scheduler.

Invest in Distressed Multifamily Assets; with an Experienced Team

Thank you for your interest in investing with us. We'll be in touch soon.

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